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Jakharia Fabric Ltd is incorporated in 2007 based in Maharasthtra. The company is doing dyeing and processing of fabrics. They are doing jobwork basis for other textile companies. They take job work from clients and do the dyes and finishing on fabrics as per the requirement. They manufacturers and process fabrics suitable for shirtings. Jakharia Read more

Bright Solar Ltd is incorporated in 2010 based in Gujarat. Another solar power company from Gujarat comes with SME IPO. The company is assembling DC/AC solar pumps and solar pump systems. They have registered brand name like PUMPMAN, BRIGHT SOLAR, BRIGHT SOLAR WATER PUMP. They take contract which include supply, installation and maintenance of pump Read more

Rajnish Wellness Ltd is incorporated in 2015 based in Mumbai. The company is a seller of consumer durables and ayurvedic personal care products. The company focusing on sexual wellness, energy revitalization and personal care products. They have products under brand name PlayWin, Madamrit, Mithohar. They already have good business in India. The cities they cover Read more